Makin' Whoopie Kitchen
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Makin' Whoopie Kitchen
Recipes and rituals for the modern witch, the craft curious and aspiring goddesses of hearth and home

Magic is all around US


Recipes + Rituals for the modern witch, the craft curious, and aspiring goddesses of hearth and home.

I believe in magic. I believe there’s magic in each of us and everything we do - even mundane everyday tasks. Sometimes we forget about our magic, and I’m hoping to help you nurture that magic within, dearest Taste Bud, through discovering the magic in food and the rituals of hearth and home.

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Let’s Make some magic

We’re all magic makers in one way or another. My love for food and marketing is rooted in their abilities to connect us and create community. I love working with brands and small businesses to help you grow your communities by crafting connection.

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