An Enchanting pop-up bakery


Mostly Local

Most of our ingredients are sourced locally from our neighbor farmers and makers around the Triangle and North Carolina.

Sometimes Organic

Quality ingredients make for a quality whoopie pie, so we use organic ingredients where we can - like sugar, eggs, and butter.

Always Delicious

All of our creations are made with a whole lotta love, we're pretty sure you can taste it in every bite.


Makin' Whoopie Kitchen

A pop-up bakery full of whimsy & delight
Gimme some sugar
A Story About Whoopie
Makin' Whoopie Kitchen was conceived one night among a group of longtime girlfriends during a "Sweet Life" party in Ocean View, Delaware. We all brought desserts and champagne - including my Dulce de Leche whoopie pies. Fueled by champagne and sugar, the whoopie jokes were endless and my girl gang encouraged me to open Makin' Whoopie Kitchen.
  • Champagne can make everyday special
  • Butter makes everything better
  • Balance is the key to life - balance and coffee
  • Food is magic
  • The kitchen is the heart of the home